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The Year in Review-Part One

I supposed with two days left for the start of a new decade, this is a good time as any to reminisce 2009–a time of deaths, flaws, and craziness that just keeps on getting better.

So, the biggest death of the year: Michael Jackson.

I remember the first time I saw his picture. I just thought he was some overly induced celebrity with a bad makeup specialist.  The King of Pop was a vague figure for me, of no particular interest. So why was I so shocked at the news of his death?

I think it’s because all human beings have the semblance of being immortal.

A lifetime, when you think about it, seems to go on forever. Until you’re in your nineties, you feel like death is light years away. Don’t shy away and deny it; you probably think so too. The prospect of death is an unknown matter, and for some reason, it feels like the person who died is still alive.

I’m getting to philosophical. Anyways, moving on.

According to Yahoo, these were the top ten deaths of 2009:

1.) Michael Jackson (Big surprise)

2.) Farrah Fawcett (I have no idea who she is, but apparently, she’s a big “icon of the 70’s”)

3.) Patrick Swayze (Only watched him in Ghost)

4.) Natasha Richardson (This was a big shock; she died of such a little event)

5.) Jett Travolta (This was just sad.)

6.) Billy Mays (I was literally screaming, “HE’S DEAD??” when I heard the news)

7.) David Carradine (Eh…never saw his “big Bruce Lee” movie)

8.) Steve Mcnair (His death was just…disturbing.)

9.) Jade Goody (Who is she?)

10.) Ted Kennedy (Need I say more?)

I guess these people are up on that list because it’s a big shock that they died, they were big important people, or they were just too famous to be left off the list.

Anyways, moving on.

2009 was a pretty disastrous year all told. Sure, we had Obama move into the Oval Office, recieve the Peace Prize, and promise to make things better for our country. I’m only concerned to when people are going to start calling him names. Sometime in 2011?

The gloomy Mayan prediction weren’t all that great either. The Mayans probably don’t care, since they’re dead. But to go to the extents of making a blockbuster movie, write several books, and make such a big deal about it isn’t too nice to our younger generation. I mean, think about a kid born in 2012: “Oh, sorry for letting you be born, since you’re going to die anyways in December.”

That’s soooo nice.

Besides these deaths, 2012 BS, and the “OMG-OBAMA-IS-IN-THE-OVAL-OFFICE-STOPPING-TERRORISTS” news blasting around, there was also the financial crisis, North Korean bomb scares, and, of course, the fact that I gained several million pounds. But, for personal news, go check out part two.

To you Koreans-Happy Birthday! You’re one year closer to death. (For those of you who don’t know, Koreans age differently. They still have birthdays, but grow one year older every new years day. So, if you were born in 1987, you’d be 24 now. I am now (CENSORED) years old. Yippee.)

Anyways, have fun in 2010. I know that many of you wanted to leave this decade behind.



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