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Above and Beyond?

As a future writer, I have a statement to make:

What limits imagination?

People say, “Imagination is unlimited,” or “Everybody has an active imagination.” I suppose they say this to have the Scrooge come out of the them.

Ha. Figures.

When you look at it, the average person has 10% pure imagination, and the rest is influenced by tv, books, or–God forbid–manga. Go to a site where they say they support pure, imaginative writing/music/art, and you’ll see that most of the works have been done before, albeit for the worse or the better. For example, romance novels. Some cliche techniques are:

  • Arranged marriages
  • A girl cross-dressing in an all boy’s school/pop band/some sort of all boy’s group
  • A girl being the “uninterested” one of the numerous fangirls flocking a jock/celebrity/rich pretty boy
  • A girl being a scholarship student to a rich school
  • (In the more rare cases) A girl so outstandingly beautiful and talented that guys can’t help but fall over you
  • A innocent little country bumpkin who makes a playboy fall for her.
  • Etc, etc.

Damnit people, go read an effin DICKENS and put down those romance novels. It’s annoying.

*The same goes for drama watchers, anime watcher, manga readers, etc.



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