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Finals-a random act of torture to mankind

It’s that time of year again.


Just hearing the word makes you shiver, and pimps up the desire to curl into a ball and hide until the dreaded time passes. Unfortunately, if I did that, my mother and a bamboo stick would be waiting for me.


Anyways, I have one more week until break. As in, a full month of being happy and rejoicing to the fact that I HAVE NO SCHOOL.

But my teachers decide to ruin it by posting up a bunch of tests that will effectively ruin my life if I do not get an A. Literally. My mom’s going to come chasing me down with a bamboo stick.

The perks of being Asian.

So anyways, this Monday, my math teacher tells me, “I forgot. You have an hour and a half to finish a test that’s made up of a million ridiculously hard word problems.”

Guess who’s the one screaming, “SHITAKE MUSHROOMS! ARE YOU SERIOUS??”

Ah, yes. I curse using the word, “shitake mushroom.”

Euninciate frogs croaking.

ANYWAYS, I have to go study. And have nosebleed. And stay up all night. I’ll let you know when I get my grades back for my finals! Bye~



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