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To those of you who even read my blog…

I haven’t updated in a while. I’m sorry *bows*

To keep you up to date on the recent happenings of my boring unsentimental life, here are the main five things that happened:

  1. My friend is over her little crush. I spent that day rejoicing. More to say in a later post.
  2. FINALS. I’ll explain more about it in a later post.
  3. Asian gatherings. Again, another post.
  4. Homework, homework, homework. More a regular thing than a big thing.
  5. Rain. Lovely, lovely rain. IT’S ACTUALLY RAINING IN CALIFORNIA!
  6. Okay, I lied. There are six things. But this is IMPORTANT. I made a new blog 😀 here. Have fun >_<

SO yes, these are the six things that happened. Anyways, I will not be moving blogs, but I will be having fun in both places. If you like wordpress, then you can just read wordpress. If you like vox, go to vox. If you like both, then stay at both. Just to let you know, Sardonically Yours is my more depressing, emo intense blog. For more casual updates, go to my other one. Just, to let you know. Yeah.



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