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My stomach, the hungry monster


My stomach just made the loudest noises I have ever heard. Grumble grumble grumble~


Anyways, I reckon it’s been seven hours since I’ve last eaten. No wonder. But, I’ve been starved (consciously) for longer periods than that, and it has NEVER made noises this loud. Now I’m seriously considering going to the hospital.

“Hey, Mom?”


“Can we go to the hospital?”

“?! Why?”

“Cause my stomach’s making weird noises.”


“So can we?”

“I’ll cook dinner. Maybe food will make you sane again.”

There you go. See what abuse I encounter in my home. My poor, teenage mind can no longer take any more of this. I will rebel, cut my wrists, and become emo. Then I’ll move out and become a genius inventor of the Parental Lip Lock, which lets kids to lock their parent’s mouths when they become to verbally abusive. Then I’ll be rich, famous, yet still sad, and die an early death, which will make my mother regret that she has ever said those words.

See how delightfully a tragedy unfolds?

All because of a stomach. My God.


Here’s something that’ll relinquish my moods:

¬†Oh jeez, I’m drooling…


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