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About a Boy-A Review

To me, About a Boy is named completely wrong.

Strange, isn’t it? For such a spectacular movie, the only flaw they have is with the name.

In my opinion, About a Boy is singular. Hence the lack of an S in Boy. But this movie is not solely about one boy. It’s about a boy who has become a man all too fast, and a man who has stayed a boy all his life.

So, who’s the real child here? The boy who’s a man, or a man who’s a boy?

I suppose I’m puzzling you all with my rambling.

Our hero is a man named Will. He’s smart, cultured, charming, handsome, and self-proclaimed “cool.” He’s also never worked a day in his life, lives off his father’s song royalties, and is a supreme dick-wad.

He discovers that having a relationship with single mothers is far more benefectial than just a normal woman, and decides to join SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together) with a made-up son, Ned. Through this, he meets Marcus, a nerdy 12 year-old and the son of a depressed hippie. His mother tries to commit suicide on the day Marcus and Will meet.

Through various circumstances, Marcus and Will develop a relationship as brothers, friends, and father-son.

I won’t give away the ending, and I’ve done a horrible job of explaining it, but the movie, at the core, has everything that makes a trip to the cinema worth it. Brilliant acting, a solid script, a great base, good directing (some of the camera shots were spectacular) and a nice, upbeat soundtrack that isn’t mainstream, but fits the cynicsm, yet optimistic framing.

Or I might just be rambling about something I really have no idea about. But, you know, it won’t hurt to take a shot.


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Music for the Soul: 8/18/10

Love it. Love the movie, the book, and the soundtrack. Wonderful, wonderful. And I’ll probably write about the movie soon too. Hopefully to persuade you to watch it.

In the mean time…I LOVE HUGH GRANT.

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