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Charlie McDonnell (AKA Charlieissocoollike)

As many of you know very well, I like Youtube. It’s a convenient website for listening and watching everything, and has done its job in catapulting many young people to fame.

I found Charlie McDonnell on a recommendation from a friend. She posted the link for a video by a really charming British singer, who had me laughing thirty seconds later.

Let’s just say it charmed the pants off me.

Over the next few days, I heard myself reading and thinking in a similar British accent to Charlie. Then I went back to his channel, spent several hours marathoning his videos, then subscribed.

I kind of developed a little crush on him.

To be sure, I found him a little weird at times, such as when he painted himself purple or made a superhero costume, but it was a kind of weird-funny, instead of the weird-disgusting that I usually get.

But that’s normal, yeah?

I find that Charlie’s a pretty cool guy (as you can see from his name) who’s instinctively creative and–there’s no other word for it–charming. I’m sure from the enormous response making him the number one Youtuber in Britain, that other people find him the same.

He gives a lot of comments, however subtly hidden, on society and media, listing plainly on the things he finds absurd.

Overall, he’s funny, intelligent, and charming.

Okay, I’m done with this post.

I apologize for the blandness of my writing today. I’m pretty tired, and my brain isn’t working right. There’s a shitload of drafts in my folder right now that need to be finished, so please expect some more posts?

I dunno, I’m just going to go to sleep for now.


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