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Depression on the Mighty

I guess I should start off with apologies on how late this post is, how lazy I’ve been, and how I should be on my knees begging for mercy.

So yeah. Repeat said stuff above in an apologetic tone.

Anyways, I’ve been having a rough week. Of course, there’s always the issue of how rough things can get (say, getting shipped off to a Chinese boarding school compared to accidently hitting a baby [not that I ever did]) but in my remarkably short life, yeah, it was rough.

Starting off with Monday. Had a hell of a headache, and acted like a bitch.

Tuesday: Overheard people calling me a bitch.

Wednesday: More overhearing, while bombing a math test.

Thursday: Nerves wracked, wanting to cry, getting an overload lecture from several people.

Friday: Found out I was accepted into Yearbook (you know, the school elective?) while my friends didn’t. Turns out a girl who hates me is one of the editors, and the only person i can tolerate is friends with her.

So, in a general sense, pretty sad.

Oh, and I found out that I give good dating advice to boys. What a week.

I’ll be uploading photos showing how a typical Korean family dinner (in my family, anyways) is like.

See you.



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Delayed Delayed

Er…wow. It’s been, what, a month since I last updated?

But please, don’t blame me. Blame the devil for replacing my teachers with homework stuffed demons.

Anyways, I don’t have much to say. Besides the fact that I painted my room. And wrote a song.

Yes, I’m a person of many talents.

So while being in the dilemma of choosing between a housepainter and songwriter, I found out that I had a twitter account.

You can imagine my confustion.

So I guess this is an update, of sorts, to let you know I’m alive.


ANYWAYS, I kinda have nothing to tell you about. Nothing interesting, anyways.

Cause, you do know that you’re currently reading posts about an ordinary teenager’s “social” life?

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