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It’s a given that I spend most of my free time on the World Wide Web, as much as I am ashamed to admit it. And of course, as any frequent traveler on the internet, I’m a regular at Youtube.

Youtube is, and will always be, a source of fascination for me. Complete trash and amazing masterpieces are uploaded everyday. Ordinary people with ordinary talents, who would have pursued ordinary careers, are shot to fame by simply uploading a crappy video of them ranting about mundane matters.

However, I don’t really watch those people. Their videos usually contain an excessive amount of swearing that I don’t particularly enjoy, especially on topics that I don’t enjoy listening to (such as Britney Spears, celebrities, Lady Gaga, etc.) and other various sexual references that are really just vulgar.

But on Youtube, there are a few handful of people who have become famous because they were simply thoughtful and interested in various ideas around them.

Among these people are a trio who call themselves Wong Fu Productions.

Wong Fu Productions is an Asian-American film making group who have associated themselves with various Youtube celebrities such as KevJumba and NigaHiga. The three members, Philip Wang, Ted Fu, and Wesley Chan, met and worked with each other since 2004, after meeting at UCSD as classmates.

They’ve shared numerous projects with each other, becoming more and more popular as they grew within their creative prospects.

Their videos are sophisticated, poignant, and gently prod us to see the world around us. They aren’t pretentious, and use humor to draw in younger audiences, but uses a layered message to satisfy older viewers.

I’ve put in five of my favorite videos from them. Enjoy 🙂

The Places We Should Have Gone

These Four Walls

When Five Fell

Technology Ruins Romance: The Letters

Technology Ruins Romance: Destiny



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Long time no see.

So, I feel like I should write something, seeing that I haven’t for the past several months.

And you know. I don’t particularly feel guilty, as I don’t think anyone’s reading this, but since I probably will revisit this site in the distant future and “smile” at my immaturity as an adolescent, I think updating is a good idea.


School’s almost done, and I am feeling great. I’m desperately hoping to get some projects finished with, this blog being one of them, and summer’s the best time to do ’em. So, everybody (or, you know, nobody). Hope to update you guys with my amazing talents in doing things no one really does (cause they don’t want to, not cause they can’t.)

I also have a special project coming up! It’s a secret, but if my friend and I can get it running, I will be forever happy.

Also, several drafts have already been started for new posts. I hope it’ll be fun. You know….

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Save Japan

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Music For the Soul: 3.12.2011

So, you know.

I’ve been a complete horror about updating this particular blog, let alone this line of posts.


I’ll try to write more, I promise. But seeing no one reads this blog…yeah. There’s no use.

Anyways, in the case someone does, I have a new song 🙂

I found it through the movie Prime, which I primarily watched for Meryl Streep. The plot was very jerky, but I liked the directing, and the acting was subtle, the ending sensitive.


This song appeared in the credits, and I immediately embarked a search afterwards to find it. Enjoy!

{I Wish You Love- Rachael Yamagata}

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About a Boy-A Review

To me, About a Boy is named completely wrong.

Strange, isn’t it? For such a spectacular movie, the only flaw they have is with the name.

In my opinion, About a Boy is singular. Hence the lack of an S in Boy. But this movie is not solely about one boy. It’s about a boy who has become a man all too fast, and a man who has stayed a boy all his life.

So, who’s the real child here? The boy who’s a man, or a man who’s a boy?

I suppose I’m puzzling you all with my rambling.

Our hero is a man named Will. He’s smart, cultured, charming, handsome, and self-proclaimed “cool.” He’s also never worked a day in his life, lives off his father’s song royalties, and is a supreme dick-wad.

He discovers that having a relationship with single mothers is far more benefectial than just a normal woman, and decides to join SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together) with a made-up son, Ned. Through this, he meets Marcus, a nerdy 12 year-old and the son of a depressed hippie. His mother tries to commit suicide on the day Marcus and Will meet.

Through various circumstances, Marcus and Will develop a relationship as brothers, friends, and father-son.

I won’t give away the ending, and I’ve done a horrible job of explaining it, but the movie, at the core, has everything that makes a trip to the cinema worth it. Brilliant acting, a solid script, a great base, good directing (some of the camera shots were spectacular) and a nice, upbeat soundtrack that isn’t mainstream, but fits the cynicsm, yet optimistic framing.

Or I might just be rambling about something I really have no idea about. But, you know, it won’t hurt to take a shot.

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Happy New Year, everyone

So, it’s 2011.


What, you’re not happy about it?


That’s strange. Everyone else is throwing fireworks and getting money and drawing up lists of resolutions they’re probably not going to keep. Why are you so unhappy?

(considering the fact that 2010 wasn’t that brilliant of a year, with the recession and further demetia of teenagers, i’d say i’m unhappy cause my hope for 2011 isn’t holding out so far.)

Oh. Well, I think 2011 will be great.

(oh really? why the sudden turn for optimism, you traitor to pessmism. HUH?)

Calm down, please. Well, I did draw up a list of resolutions myself, and number 3 (NUMBER 3!!) is to stop being so cynical.

(booo. you’re really embracing the spirit, aren’t you? making a list of resolutions…ha! you’re only going to break all of them, you know that, don’t you?)

You know what? Why am I talking to you? You don’t exist. What are you?

(you’ve grown stupid the past year. i’m you, dummy. so you basically told yourself you don’t exist. congratulations, you’ve insulted yourself and lowered my self-esteem at the same time.)

Oh, shut up. I’m talking to myself. I’m a bloody lunatic.

(i can very well imagine you speaking in a british accent right now. i can hear myself speaking in a british accent. what has gone wrong with your brain?)

I dunno. YOU came in, that’s what happened.

(i resent that.)

Resent it all you want, I’m you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Anyways, I’m going to get back on topic and inform the whole world about my 2011 resolutions, but also considering the fact that this blog is not read at all, who cares.

Resolutions (yay, imaginative title!)

1. QT every day.

2. stop eating so much, exercise, and concentrate on health.

3. stop being cynical.

4. study hard. work hard.

5. be productive everyday.

6. obey your parents. no, seriously, LISTEN TO THEM.

7. get off the computer.

8. get out of the house. no, seriously, go take a walk or something.

9. write. please produce something you can be proud of by the end of the year. PLEASE FINISH SOMETHING YOU WRITE.

10. learn to play piano. or guitar. or learn how to knit.

11. read more.

12. socialize. be friendly.

13. stop watching k-drama.

14. stop being arrogant and selfish and spoiled.

15. get along with your brother.

(yeah. you’re going to break most of those. especially number 13.)

Look at number 3.

(argh. alright.)

Good. Now slink back to your spot in my brain and fall asleep.

(i’ll oblige. i’ll see you again in 2012 though.)

Well, that got rid of him. Her? Anyways, happy new year!


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