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oh, people.

so, yeah.
i’ve been busy.
(okay, not really busy, since watching movies and reading novels don’t count as such, but i’d like to save a bit of my dignity to lose later, so let’s not go into the entire accusing business, eh?)
anyways, i still have a ton of drafts saved about things i’ve pretty much forgotten about. i’m sure the information’s safely locked up somewhere in my brain, so it’s only a matter of finding it. so, yeah. this is mainly to tell you guys i’m still alive. hehehehe.
and i’m bored, so that’s another thing.
i will give you guys more posts when i finish the drafts, okay? stay tuned. (or not, since some of you don’t even read this. WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? I DO NOT KNOW.)
i’m really tired.



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you may have noticed a big change in my blog’s appearance. among these changes is a new thing called rotating headers, which are the images you see above. they change every time you go to a new page on my blog, y’see?

ain’t it cool?

anyways, these images all have correlations to the k-entertainment industry, and basically nothing to do with this blog, so please don’t worry that i’ve suddenly decided to transform this blog into something that follows k-pop. (it might though. mwahaha.)

they may have nothing to do with my blog, but they’re pretty, so look at ’em. Nyeeeh.

credits for my header images go to javabeans at in seoul at

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Long time no see.

So, I feel like I should write something, seeing that I haven’t for the past several months.

And you know. I don’t particularly feel guilty, as I don’t think anyone’s reading this, but since I probably will revisit this site in the distant future and “smile” at my immaturity as an adolescent, I think updating is a good idea.


School’s almost done, and I am feeling great. I’m desperately hoping to get some projects finished with, this blog being one of them, and summer’s the best time to do ’em. So, everybody (or, you know, nobody). Hope to update you guys with my amazing talents in doing things no one really does (cause they don’t want to, not cause they can’t.)

I also have a special project coming up! It’s a secret, but if my friend and I can get it running, I will be forever happy.

Also, several drafts have already been started for new posts. I hope it’ll be fun. You know….

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I am a goldfish.


I actually have a decent excuse for not updating in so long.

At least, if you count it as so.

Which, if you don’t, I’ll accuse you of being a major hypocrite cause everyone else in the world is using it.

I was kidnapped by an alien mothership where I was forced to eat mushrooms and listen to soundtracks of giggling and Little Pony cutesy voices, until my brain blew up.

If you don’t believe me, go ask the alien mothership.

Anyways, (for real) I have been busy because:

1.) I have tutor sessions, who gives me several days of homework,

2.) I had, and am recovering, from pneumonia. Can you believe that? Pneumonia in the middle of summer.

3.) I am in the worship team at my church. Heh. I was supposed to be keyboard, but I was so terrible that I was stripped of my position and demoted to second vocalist. I actually have to SING.

4.) It’s summer, dammit. I have the right to procrastinate, laze about, and not even look at my blog.

So, those are my four reasons to why I am such a big fat lazy blogger.

I will make you no promises for the time being of upcoming posts. I’ll just try to finish the rest of my drafts and look for new ideas.

On the other hand, my head hurts, so I am going back to sleep.


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Acknowledging things…




Ahem. That was me trying to get attention and pity, if you haven’t noticed.

Okay. I’m sorry. I lied and I haven’t posted up two knowledgeable posts at all. Of course, not that anybody cares cause I don’t think anyone really reads this blog. Sigh…

Enough dramatics. Since I’ve acknowledged the fact that I’m as lazy as a fat hamster trying to hide from an even fatter cat, I have happy news.

My theme changed into something bright and pretty and girly! Yay!

I just had to do that. Hehe.

Anyways, I think I’ll have my ranting of PART 2 done by Monday. Or Tuesday. Actually, make it Thursday, cause I have ANOTHER EXAM on Wednesday. My soul weeps tears of blood that glisten with Apollo’s light in sorrow…

I have no idea what I just said.

Anyways, I kinda have several posts planned out already, which will probably be up by next month, with little bits of other posts in the middle that happen merely cause I said so. Mwahaha. The evil dictator has spoken.

Here goes as follows…

-A book review on the most awesome book I’ve ever read which will most likely put you all to sleep.

-A short essay about Ironman 2, which I saw last Friday (the day is came out) and my mouth dropped OMGWTFBBQ.

-A. VERY. Angry. RANT. About. PLAGIARIZING. (I’ll say why at the bottom.) You have been warned.

-A parody attempt at Twilight. Cause I’m so inspired. Hehehe….

-Music appreciation clips. I’m actually thinking of starting a little thing called “Music of the Week” which will generally involve me being frustrated on how to upload Youtube videos.

Yeah. That’s generally it. But to address a certain point I have above…


Yes, this big bad plagiarizer has literally COPY AND PASTED a post onto their own website, which supposedly supports Asians. I am very angry, yet I couldn’t make heads or tails of their website and I couldn’t leave a comment, yelling insults like the Asian lady I am. So, if you, the copy paster, are reading this, just know my wrath will befall you soon. Mwahahahahaha.


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I like to think I’m a brilliant intellectual.

While listening to classical jazz, with my computer desktop open to a wallpaper that I found after some pointless wanderings on the internet (it’s actually quite pretty), and a nice cup of Earl Grey (a type of black tea that has enough caffeine to keep me awake till 2 am), I sat back in my chair, reading a book.

It was titled: The Biography of T.S. Eliot.

I think it’s fair to say i was bored out of my mind.

I had gotten to the part where T.S. Eliot’s mother was laboring pointlessly over this tiny baby that would grow up to be a poet that i never heard of, when I remembered my finals were near.

I promptly spent the rest of my evening trying desperately to remember all math formulas, grammar stupidities, etc.

However, I think I’ve given you enough thought on my panic with the bane of my life.

It’s actually time for celebration: I’m DONE. WITH. TESTING.

It is May 1st, and I have a month left of school. Sure, I still have more tests to take, but the worst of it is over.

I’m so happy I could cry.

So, in my storm of joy and brilliant sparkles that appear when you’re delirious beyond mind, I will write two more blog posts, all due by tomorrow.

One will be a review, and the other will be part one of a rant.

That’s all I’m saying for now. Happy reading.


PS: This is also on account of not updating for so long. As I said, final’s week. I hope two new posts will be acceptable as an apology.


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Delayed Delayed

Er…wow. It’s been, what, a month since I last updated?

But please, don’t blame me. Blame the devil for replacing my teachers with homework stuffed demons.

Anyways, I don’t have much to say. Besides the fact that I painted my room. And wrote a song.

Yes, I’m a person of many talents.

So while being in the dilemma of choosing between a housepainter and songwriter, I found out that I had a twitter account.

You can imagine my confustion.

So I guess this is an update, of sorts, to let you know I’m alive.


ANYWAYS, I kinda have nothing to tell you about. Nothing interesting, anyways.

Cause, you do know that you’re currently reading posts about an ordinary teenager’s “social” life?

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