After being dead for a few months…

I’m alive! 

Not really.


I suppose it’s rather pathetic to abandon a blog that no one reads for several months due to school work, and then come back and write a new post because I want to procrastinate on my rewriting of an essay and because there’s nothing left to do on the web.

Anyways, since my brain’s pretty much fried and toasted to a really nice crisp, it’ll do me some good to write some inane nonsense and get it back to a fresh, rich state again.

I’m hungry, if you didn’t notice.

It’s December, everyone. Hip hip hooray. I love this month, because it usually means most people are in a good mood and just salivating over the prospect of break. 

Although, my family doesn’t really seem to be that much in the mood. We haven’t even put up the Christmas tree yet, although that’s my sister’s job. 

Speaking of which, she’s twenty four, which means she’ll be gone soon. As in, permanently. Not part of our household. Which, technically speaking in terms of most normal families, should have been about two years ago, but hey. She did move out somewhat, as in she came back weekdays.

And then she moved back in, and now she’ll be gone again. Soon.

I sound like I’m very expectant of it, don’t I?

I’m not. I’m actually very fond of my sister. She’s nice to be around.

Yes, I am just writing random things that’s coming across my head.


I started watching this brilliant show the other day. Sherlock. Although, it’s only three episodes, so it’s not going to last.


Benedict Cumberbatch is Holmes himself, and he’s really. really. good at it.

Watson’s nice too. 

I’m being obsessive, yeah. But that’s usually what happens with me and TV shows.

I’ll be over it soon.

Is there anything else you should know about?

I’m traveling to Korea this winter. Uh-huh. I’m finally returning to the Motherland for the first time in 11 years. OH BOY. I’m honestly not that excited, because I have so much to do over break, and this is going to just eat up all my time. 


I hate this essay. It’s pointless. I’d like to read a book, a really nice book, without having to analyze and think about why a rotting pig head on a stick represents smelly shoes and anarchy. That book was disturbing by itself. I don’t want to go analyzing.

And it’s not even the book I’m analyzing right now.

The book I’m analyzing right now is the Great American Novel. It’s beautiful.

Or, at least it was, until this essay happened.

I want to go watch some more Sherlock, but my speakers are broken.


Don’t read this. I mean, I suppose it’s too late to write it now, but don’t. It’s just me being stupid.





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  1. mimosa

    nice essay you’ve here.=D

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