oh, people.

so, yeah.
i’ve been busy.
(okay, not really busy, since watching movies and reading novels don’t count as such, but i’d like to save a bit of my dignity to lose later, so let’s not go into the entire accusing business, eh?)
anyways, i still have a ton of drafts saved about things i’ve pretty much forgotten about. i’m sure the information’s safely locked up somewhere in my brain, so it’s only a matter of finding it. so, yeah. this is mainly to tell you guys i’m still alive. hehehehe.
and i’m bored, so that’s another thing.
i will give you guys more posts when i finish the drafts, okay? stay tuned. (or not, since some of you don’t even read this. WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? I DO NOT KNOW.)
i’m really tired.



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2 responses to “oh, people.

  1. hannah y

    you. deleted. ur. facebook. didnt. you.?

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