Long time no see.

So, I feel like I should write something, seeing that I haven’t for the past several months.

And you know. I don’t particularly feel guilty, as I don’t think anyone’s reading this, but since I probably will revisit this site in the distant future and “smile” at my immaturity as an adolescent, I think updating is a good idea.


School’s almost done, and I am feeling great. I’m desperately hoping to get some projects finished with, this blog being one of them, and summer’s the best time to do ’em. So, everybody (or, you know, nobody). Hope to update you guys with my amazing talents in doing things no one really does (cause they don’t want to, not cause they can’t.)

I also have a special project coming up! It’s a secret, but if my friend and I can get it running, I will be forever happy.

Also, several drafts have already been started for new posts. I hope it’ll be fun. You know….


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