About a Boy-A Review

To me, About a Boy is named completely wrong.

Strange, isn’t it? For such a spectacular movie, the only flaw they have is with the name.

In my opinion, About a Boy is singular. Hence the lack of an S in Boy. But this movie is not solely about one boy. It’s about a boy who has become a man all too fast, and a man who has stayed a boy all his life.

So, who’s the real child here? The boy who’s a man, or a man who’s a boy?

I suppose I’m puzzling you all with my rambling.

Our hero is a man named Will. He’s smart, cultured, charming, handsome, and self-proclaimed “cool.” He’s also never worked a day in his life, lives off his father’s song royalties, and is a supreme dick-wad.

He discovers that having a relationship with single mothers is far more benefectial than just a normal woman, and decides to join SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together) with a made-up son, Ned. Through this, he meets Marcus, a nerdy 12 year-old and the son of a depressed hippie. His mother tries to commit suicide on the day Marcus and Will meet.

Through various circumstances, Marcus and Will develop a relationship as brothers, friends, and father-son.

I won’t give away the ending, and I’ve done a horrible job of explaining it, but the movie, at the core, has everything that makes a trip to the cinema worth it. Brilliant acting, a solid script, a great base, good directing (some of the camera shots were spectacular) and a nice, upbeat soundtrack that isn’t mainstream, but fits the cynicsm, yet optimistic framing.

Or I might just be rambling about something I really have no idea about. But, you know, it won’t hurt to take a shot.


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