Happy New Year, everyone

So, it’s 2011.


What, you’re not happy about it?


That’s strange. Everyone else is throwing fireworks and getting money and drawing up lists of resolutions they’re probably not going to keep. Why are you so unhappy?

(considering the fact that 2010 wasn’t that brilliant of a year, with the recession and further demetia of teenagers, i’d say i’m unhappy cause my hope for 2011 isn’t holding out so far.)

Oh. Well, I think 2011 will be great.

(oh really? why the sudden turn for optimism, you traitor to pessmism. HUH?)

Calm down, please. Well, I did draw up a list of resolutions myself, and number 3 (NUMBER 3!!) is to stop being so cynical.

(booo. you’re really embracing the spirit, aren’t you? making a list of resolutions…ha! you’re only going to break all of them, you know that, don’t you?)

You know what? Why am I talking to you? You don’t exist. What are you?

(you’ve grown stupid the past year. i’m you, dummy. so you basically told yourself you don’t exist. congratulations, you’ve insulted yourself and lowered my self-esteem at the same time.)

Oh, shut up. I’m talking to myself. I’m a bloody lunatic.

(i can very well imagine you speaking in a british accent right now. i can hear myself speaking in a british accent. what has gone wrong with your brain?)

I dunno. YOU came in, that’s what happened.

(i resent that.)

Resent it all you want, I’m you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Anyways, I’m going to get back on topic and inform the whole world about my 2011 resolutions, but also considering the fact that this blog is not read at all, who cares.

Resolutions (yay, imaginative title!)

1. QT every day.

2. stop eating so much, exercise, and concentrate on health.

3. stop being cynical.

4. study hard. work hard.

5. be productive everyday.

6. obey your parents. no, seriously, LISTEN TO THEM.

7. get off the computer.

8. get out of the house. no, seriously, go take a walk or something.

9. write. please produce something you can be proud of by the end of the year. PLEASE FINISH SOMETHING YOU WRITE.

10. learn to play piano. or guitar. or learn how to knit.

11. read more.

12. socialize. be friendly.

13. stop watching k-drama.

14. stop being arrogant and selfish and spoiled.

15. get along with your brother.

(yeah. you’re going to break most of those. especially number 13.)

Look at number 3.

(argh. alright.)

Good. Now slink back to your spot in my brain and fall asleep.

(i’ll oblige. i’ll see you again in 2012 though.)

Well, that got rid of him. Her? Anyways, happy new year!



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2 responses to “Happy New Year, everyone

  1. alexe

    I hope you got rid the day after of n° 3 and 13 . Hope you fulfilled n ° 2 ,4 ,5 , 9

  2. Jae

    haha, thank you 🙂

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