A Year in Review-2010

So, it’s been a busy year overall.

People got marrie,d people died, people became billionaires, the media was pointless, as usual, and I discovered I prefer short hair.

I really should cut my hair.

It seems kind of strange that I don’t really remember any thing significant about this year. I became sort of obsessed with korean dramas, read the Elegance of a Hedgehog, lost my phone, got a new phone, decided what high school I want to go to, decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, entered a new grade, etc.

Actually, let’s start from the beginning:

January: We joined a new church. It was my brother’s birthday. I got some money from New Year’s Day. I went back to school after winter break. Uh…more people joined my group of friends.

February: I lost a friend. Valentine’s Day.

March: I don’t think I did anything.

April: Prepared for finals.

May: Finals, and celebrating an almost ended school year.

June: School ends, and I party (in the elementary school way.)

July: My friend leaves for Japan. More partying. It’s my birthday.

August: I join my church’s praise team. I get accepted into yearbook. I go on some sort of retreat. Then back to school.

September: Crap. My teachers are crazy. Math is hard.

October: Halloween. Sister moves out.

November: Thanksgiving. Food. More fretting about school.

December: Finals. Christmas.

So…um…I’m sure I did more. Seriously. I probably had an epiphany somewhere, maybe a moral dilemma…but this is quite honestly all I can remember.

That sucks. I’ll try to take better note in 2011.


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