it’s december.

i remember last christmas, when i thought i was extremely cool with my sarcasm, my uber-sardonic blog, all my pretentious posturing.

yeah. it makes you cringe.

i was reading my old blog posts, and my reactions were generaly, “cringe-wince-cringe-laugh in humiliation-cringe-wince.”

i think it’s understandable as to why.

i guess i could call it an epiphany.

you know, that moment where you realize there’s so much you don’t know, how immature you are, how your blatant critcism and “learned” judging is just plain bullshit?

no? okay.

i have a tendency to think too much and not say anything. it fustrates most people in my life, especially my dad. but i think i’m getting better.

here’s to a new year. i hope 2011 will prove more insightful than 2010.


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