You are my inspiration.

This is dedicated to You:

I love You as much as heavens love the earth.

Do you see how the rain kisses the ground, because it is so desperate to make contact? Do you hear how the winds whistle across fields, blowing soft sweets into their ears?

That is my feeling for You.

I’m cleaning up my life now. For You.

Because how else can anything I do amount to what You have done for me?

Your love for me is greater than oceans. You have written countless love letters to me.

I have cruelly dejected them.

I am no longer this fool. I will grasp Your hand again.

This is a love letter.

Because I love you so.

And I want to make you proud.

You will stand by me as I struggle.

You will carry me as I battle the hardships that are sure to come.

And when I look forward at the end of the day, You will be there at the front door, holding out Your hands to me.



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2 responses to “You are my inspiration.

  1. unnie

    I love you Joyce:)

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