I need a break.

I will attempt to start this post in a typical teenage fashion:

“Okay, so, guys. Hi. I’ve been kinda dead for the past few days (more like years, haha) cause of school. Oh my God, I HATE school. And my math teacher is a total–”

You get my point.

Unfortunately, what I say is true. I’m becoming insane stressed more and more lately, which, while having the unhappy effects of general crankiness and dark circles, has the benefit of me losing weight.

Not that that’s a good thing.

So, to narrow it down, my stress becomes two major things in life:


*My future.

Which is frankly ridiculous, but tell that to society. I understand the importance of school, to be educated, and therefore have a job that pays a certain amount of salary to keep me alive for about fifty years, but quite honestly, it’s rather intense for it to sprout dreams of riches and fame while you’re young, and squash it in middle school, as you see your genius classmates seperated from the lowly commoners.

To establish hiearchy among teenagers is a terribly cruel thing to do.

But I desist. My school isn’t one of those horrible places mentioned in a typical chick read. We don’t have the cruel, evil, beautiful, and rich cheerleaders. We don’t have muscular, idiotic jocks. Sure, we divide into our seperate groups, but in the end, no one really bothers to bully anyone. Of course, there are those really weird kids, and then the kinda nerdy ones, but who cares? The “popular” kids are friends with all of them. So, why do people say that high school establishes hiearchies of the modern society? From what I see, there’s just too many kids to keep track of, to see who’s popular and who’s not.

So, to finish my rant here, I want to say that the people who write those books are stupid. Those who makes the TV shows, the movies, even video games, are really really idiotic. Why endorse these things when kids are what they are?

Anyways, this post is mainly to stress out the fact that I’m being tortured to death slowly, and that I am taking advantage of a strangely non-tortureless Friday. Nevertheless, I hope all of you are enjoying your weekends. I’ll try to post something about various obsessions in my life, and I’ll see you again soon.





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