Epic Fail

Alright, people. I’m not dead. School didn’t kill me.


But, on the honor of the occasion (of me being not dead), I decided to kind of die anyways. On my blog. So that is the reason for my long non-updating-ness.

Yes. It’s a word.

Anyways, this is hence titled Epic Fail due to the fact that I have suffered the rare consequence of actually falling asleep in class.

Okay, it’s not really rare, but most people just doze in class. I actually went straight to sleep.

Fortunately, my teacher is a good person. Boring, yes, but he seems to realize how sleep-inducing he is, and let me off, even though it was clear (I sit in the goddamn front row, for Christ’s sakes!) that I was sleeping.

Oh, and my friend told me I snored.

So, I was mortifyed. And this is also an update to tell you guys that I’m still alive.

And that I’m kind of dying for comments. Comments? Cause, even if you are someone I really don’t know (and hope not to) you are welcome to say something. All I can do is delete that comment and hope you’re not some pedophile or crazy stalker.

But then again, who would want to stalk me? They’d probably run away after a full day.

On that subject, guess what? I am on my school’s yearbook team. And we had a representative come to us from Jostens, which is a company that produces our school’s yearbook (how cool is that? get a job as an yearbook person) and he talked to us about a high school he recently went to. And that high school’s yearbook team had a stalking list.

As soon as I heard it, my initial reaction was, “OMG. I wanna do that.”

Cause, how cool is it to know every single person’s schedule, in the whole school? Just follow them everyday.

Anyways, the stalking list is made up of students the yearbook team has to take a picture of. AKA, the wallflowers, nerds, people who don’t look for the camera, unlike some people I know. Basically, you track them down, take a picture, and they’re off the list.

So, this is an update for three things:

I am still alive.

I am attending school now, and am busy.

I am in yearbook.

Oh, and that I have about five new posts planned out, which is what I said last time, so don’t expect anything. Right?


Ah, and one more thing:

I have a fictionpress account.

Which is basically a website where you can write a short story, a novel, etc. and post it up. And it will get reviews on how bad, good, neutral it is. And people will put it on their favorites list, in specific communities that track down stories that have specific requirements, and put you on a favorite author’s list.

Anyways, here is my profile account. You can just scroll straight down to the tabs at the bottom of the page, and you will find my writing, my favorite pieces of writing, and my favorite writers on that site. So, go check it out, leave a review if you can, and just try to read something that isn’t always sarcastic or mean.

Oh, by the way, they’re romance. I figured that most of the readers on the site are girls, and why not satisfy them? Plus, romance is easy to write. Put hormonal girl and guy in interesting situations and BAM. They start dating.

But I will post something else soon.


Sorry. I just had to get it out.

Ciao. ~nemphy



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2 responses to “Epic Fail

  1. sallymanders.

    You spelled mortified wrong, it’s mortifIed, not mortifYed c: Just helping.
    and you actually fell asleep 0-0

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