I am a goldfish.


I actually have a decent excuse for not updating in so long.

At least, if you count it as so.

Which, if you don’t, I’ll accuse you of being a major hypocrite cause everyone else in the world is using it.

I was kidnapped by an alien mothership where I was forced to eat mushrooms and listen to soundtracks of giggling and Little Pony cutesy voices, until my brain blew up.

If you don’t believe me, go ask the alien mothership.

Anyways, (for real) I have been busy because:

1.) I have tutor sessions, who gives me several days of homework,

2.) I had, and am recovering, from pneumonia. Can you believe that? Pneumonia in the middle of summer.

3.) I am in the worship team at my church. Heh. I was supposed to be keyboard, but I was so terrible that I was stripped of my position and demoted to second vocalist. I actually have to SING.

4.) It’s summer, dammit. I have the right to procrastinate, laze about, and not even look at my blog.

So, those are my four reasons to why I am such a big fat lazy blogger.

I will make you no promises for the time being of upcoming posts. I’ll just try to finish the rest of my drafts and look for new ideas.

On the other hand, my head hurts, so I am going back to sleep.



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