Last Day…

Looking at the title, the obvious question rises up. “Last day? Last day for what?”

Of course, looking at the sweet summer wind and the soulful sun, I’d call you a complete dunce for not knowing.

It’s the last day of school, and I am deliriously happy. I could just go outside and lie down on the grass, and just drink in the fact that I no longer have anything to do.

But that’s pretty much an illusion. I’m being assigned a summer tutor, whom I’ll meet twice each week, and the keyboard position in church. Which, ironically, means I actually have to learn piano chords.

I don’t suppose you understand the irony of this situation unless you understand my family. My mother is a musical person. As in, her entire career is based on music. She studied in VIENNA, AUSTRIA, all the way in EUROPE for five-stinkin’-years and became a music professor in Korea, a composer, and an excellent pianist.

Only problem is, her kids don’t really know how to play piano, or any other musical instrument (my sister plays guitar, but she learned that on her own, so that’s another matter altogether).

So I’m pretty much stuck between piano lessons, math tutoring, and the eventual goal of losing weight (I am a girl, you know).

But still, it’s summer. That should mean something, huh?

Even the illusion will do.



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