Acknowledging things…




Ahem. That was me trying to get attention and pity, if you haven’t noticed.

Okay. I’m sorry. I lied and I haven’t posted up two knowledgeable posts at all. Of course, not that anybody cares cause I don’t think anyone really reads this blog. Sigh…

Enough dramatics. Since I’ve acknowledged the fact that I’m as lazy as a fat hamster trying to hide from an even fatter cat, I have happy news.

My theme changed into something bright and pretty and girly! Yay!

I just had to do that. Hehe.

Anyways, I think I’ll have my ranting of PART 2 done by Monday. Or Tuesday. Actually, make it Thursday, cause I have ANOTHER EXAM on Wednesday. My soul weeps tears of blood that glisten with Apollo’s light in sorrow…

I have no idea what I just said.

Anyways, I kinda have several posts planned out already, which will probably be up by next month, with little bits of other posts in the middle that happen merely cause I said so. Mwahaha. The evil dictator has spoken.

Here goes as follows…

-A book review on the most awesome book I’ve ever read which will most likely put you all to sleep.

-A short essay about Ironman 2, which I saw last Friday (the day is came out) and my mouth dropped OMGWTFBBQ.

-A. VERY. Angry. RANT. About. PLAGIARIZING. (I’ll say why at the bottom.) You have been warned.

-A parody attempt at Twilight. Cause I’m so inspired. Hehehe….

-Music appreciation clips. I’m actually thinking of starting a little thing called “Music of the Week” which will generally involve me being frustrated on how to upload Youtube videos.

Yeah. That’s generally it. But to address a certain point I have above…


Yes, this big bad plagiarizer has literally COPY AND PASTED a post onto their own website, which supposedly supports Asians. I am very angry, yet I couldn’t make heads or tails of their website and I couldn’t leave a comment, yelling insults like the Asian lady I am. So, if you, the copy paster, are reading this, just know my wrath will befall you soon. Mwahahahahaha.



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