Ahem. Normally, profanity isn’t my thing. A couple of swearwords at a broken toe here, some uttered cuss words in disbelief, but I don’t generally use “inappropriate language.”

At least, in the public sense.

So. What type of atrocity would make me (GASP) use the F-WORD???

Let’s say it’s something that deserves to be trampled by the horses of hell, stabbed with Satan’s knife multiple times, and kicked through the ozone and sued for being so utterly ridiculous.

Can you guess?

It starts with a T.

Actually, an M.

It’s MLIT.

Not MIT.


Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

First off, let’s begin with introducing my favorite website. It’s hilarious, funny, and inspiring. To do stupid things, yes, but incredibly witty things.

I’m not too convincing, am I?

So, anyways, this brilliant website apparently has a ripoff.

By the name of My Life is Twilight (to forgo with My Life is Average), this ridiculous, horrid stain on humanity has numerous fangirls writing about how the most stupid things in life (that were technically there before the wretched book) can relate to their beloved Edward. Or Jacob. Or whoever else.

Stephanie Meyer? If you are reading this, please don’t be offended. I don’t know you, so I don’ t think it’s fair to say I hate you, but I don’t think your books are great guidebooks to making out with your German Sheperd so you can feel like you’re kissing  Jacob.

That said, I need to go now.


P.S. You know MLIA? It has sister websites like this and this. See ya.


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