Depressing Things, Depressing Days

I guess it’s just one of those days.

You know, the one where you wake up gloomy, spend the day gloomy, and feel like crap in general?

I have several excuses to feeling gloomy. I took two tests today, none of which produced good results. Especially the writing exam. Which is quite ironic, considering that being a writer is my first career choice.

I’m also dissecting a frog tomorrow, and spent an hour looking at various photos of frog guts.

However, I still could’ve been cheerful with just those reasons. But to lose my EXPENSIVE, UNREPLACEABLE cell phone is just something that ruins my day. Cause you know what? Most kids find this a reason to replace their phone with a new one. I find it a reason to get yelled at by my parents, and the promises of never buying me one again.

So I feel it reasonable to sink into a teenager’s melodramatic woes of “OMG! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, THE WORST DAY OF MY RIDICULOUSLY SHORT LIFE~!”

Mind the caps.

I also blew all my money on chocolate.

With my considerable weight, this is something that’s impossibly dangerous, not to mention a complete waste of the only cash I had, as well as stupid. I really dunno why I did it. I think I’m naturally dumb.

Oh great. Now I’m turning into the people who whine, “I’m so stupid~I’m so UGLY~” just so they can get their friends to say, “NO YOU’RE NOT! OMG, YOU’RE SO PERFECT THAT I’D DIE TO BE YOU!!!”

Yeah. I’m a bitch today. Blah.

So, to conclude, I whined like a moron, I’ve turned into a complete female dog, and I have many reasons to wanting to get into a time machine and go back so that i’m at least ready for those freakin tests, NEVER lose my phone, and don’t buy chocolate.



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