Reviews, complaints, spite, and the usual.

I find it atrocious to find that it is currently midnight, I have school tomorrow, I have not yet taken a shower, I am not at all ready for my classes, and that I am in the middle of a movie marathon.

And yes, I am also writing a new blog post.

Lately, I’ve been heading toward blogs for comfort. I’ve actually found a couple that induced me to laughing fits. Its much more reassuring that people who write these posts have written them a day ago, are not dead, and did not go through a terrifying amount of time with agents, editors, and publishing markets to get them out in the world.

Internet is indeed marvelous.

Which brings me to my next case in point.

As I mentioned before, I’m having a movie marathon. It started with Where the Wild Things Are (boring, dull, not worth mentioning) which I watched purely for the benefit of my friend. When she left, I finally got my hands on Sherlock Holmes.

The 2009 version, dimwit.

It was good. Excellent. But…

It used too many scientific words, where phrases like “it stops the pulse for a period of time” would have sufficed. Their accents had me losing half of their dialogue. Sherlock Holmes is a long, lanky character, not the short, stout, wild haired Robert Downey Jr. And, quite honestly, he is not that attached to Watson, no matter how fond of him we all are.

To be frank, it was rather gay.

But those are my only complaints. I found Rachel McAdams wonderful, Jude Law refreshing, and Mark Strong creepy.

That’s a compliment.

Robert Downey Jr. was  also fantastic. Even though he did shy away from the traditional, gaunt Sherlock Holmes character, I did enjoy the humor he put into the role. He was quite lovable, don’t you think?

To be honest, I think I started this post out of spite. For my math teacher. She’ll go crazy if she sees even one student sleepy in her first class. Do you think she’ll accept my excuse of movie marathons and the need to fulfill my audience’s craving for a new post at midnight?


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