Of the Facebook groups littering my front page

I dunno about you, but I basically spend half my time on the computer. And half of that time is spent on Facebook.

I have a life. It’s just on Facebook. Don’t judge me.

Anyways, this is basically how my computer schedule goes:

-Check email

-Check Facebook

-Check my grades to make sure my teachers haven’t decided they officially hate me

-Play Tetris

And so on. I usually get Facebook updates via email, so I guess you should know how my internet life is related.

Anyways, I actually spent a day off the computer (which is a terrifyingly shocking to know, if you knew me) and the next thing I know, I’m bombarded with fifty emails. Half of them are from facebook. And three quarters are group invitations. After deleting all of them, I check the homepage.

The only updates there are is useless trash about which of my friends joined what type of pointless group.

For example: “______ became a fan of (and I swear I’m not making this up) “I redo high-fives if they weren’t good enough.””

Yeah, okay. I can live with that. Especially since I barely know you. But seeing I have about two hundred more of those “updates” about people becoming fans of useless trash, it’s pretty frustrating.

Frustrating? Who am I kidding? It’s DAMN ANNOYING.

People of this earth and have a facebook account, I shall make a proclamation: Please, thou must get a life.



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