Yes, this is supposed to be said with a long whine at the end.

So basically, this post is supposed to be a long whine about how tired I am.

But since I am such a merciful being as to not do so, I’ll just tell you something and go to bed.


Okay, I’m lame. What do you expect? I’m someone who was a fan of Pokemon and Dragonballs until an embarassingly high age. Plus, I’m female. How many females do you know that collect figurines of Dragonballs?

That really didn’t make any sense.

Anyways, I’ve discovered something new on Facebook.

It’s called, “People randomly making groups with names like ‘I join groups after reading the name and then forget about it,’ and giggle.” Guess what? These groups have over 100,000 members by the second day.


Gah, I’m tired. I need sleep. So, anyways, happy holidays everybody. I hope your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Santa Day isn’t as miserable as mine. Ugh.



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2 responses to “Exhaustion

  1. erinn

    OMG!~~ -_- joyce! ur always tired! D:

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