Future Me, What will I be?

I found a new website. Called futureme.org, you get to write emails into the future.


Anyways, I read some of the letters on the site, which were more interesting than writing one. Seriously. What do I say to my “future” self that pretty much doesn’t exist because it hasn’t been the “future” yet (duh) and therefore I cannot do anything to my future self since my future self isn’t my future self but my present self in the present and therefore is not my future self.

Eh hem.

ANYWAYS, this is basically how my letter went:

Dear FutureMe,

How are you? You must be in –th grade by now. Life’s hard, isn’t it? Is Janice (name changed) still hurting you? Haha. Well anyways, goodbye.

From, Nemphy (name changed)

Uh. Yeah. Weird.

So, anyways, I’m pretty tired, so logging off. Sorry for the random rant.


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