Oui, monsieur. Je suis tourmenté.

I face a weekend filled to its deepest bowels with homework. And practically no time to do it.

Should I tell you my “To Do” list? It goes as follows:

1.) History-Test, Nov. 19, History-INB check, Nov. 19

2.) Science-Research Project

3.) Math-7.2-3, plus tutor

4.) English-S.G. test, 23rd, One Pager

5.) Art project

6.) Fitness Log

All to be finished by Nov. 16. Now, you may ask, why am I posting this on my blog and wasting valuable time? It goes as follows, ladies and gentlemen.


But besides that, I was bored.

Check this out: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1921845

Just hilarious.



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